Aqua Direct quality assured bulk tankered water

Quality assured

Aqua Direct offers a high quality product and level of service. We follow rigorous health and safety systems, legislation, documentation practices and are HACCP accountable.

  • We are BRC 'A' accredited. We carry out regular external and internal audits
  • We follow rigorous operation systems and have HACCP accountability
  • We support UK water companies by helping them meet their Emergency Measures Direction, SEMD and Mutual Aid obligations
  • Our HACCP system complies with HSE legislation and our Management team are fully EUSR trained
  • Every tanker delivered carries a certificate of sterility. We take two samples from every load, these are tested at a UKAS accredited laboratory
  • Tamper evident codes seal each load delivered. You remove these, giving you peace of mind that your water is pristine quality spring and drinking water
  • Our spring water source was commissioned in the 1930's and has proven recorded quality documentation and protected outcrops

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About us

We are situated in the heart of England and have an unrivalled wealth of experience and expertise in the management and delivery of spring and chlorinated
drinking water.

Our service promise:

  • Quality
  • Flexibility
  • Expertise
  • Continuous improvement
  • Customer communication

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