Our water-only tankers

Aqua Direct's unique delivery fleet - dedicated water only bulk spring water tankering.

Our purpose-built tankers are dedicated to the delivery of spring and drinking water. We give you peace of mind knowing that you have been provided with safe, UKAS Laboratory tested spring and drinking water.

Our tankers incorporate the following benefits to ensure customer satisfaction.

Economic delivery

  • Maximum load capacity of 29,500 litres making delivery more economical for the customer.

Timely transfer of water

  • Food quality stainless steel pumps are fitted to all our tankers allowing transfer of the load in less than 30 minutes.

Guaranteed tamper free

  • The manway is locked and sealed during the whole operation; the discharge valve is fitted with a tamper evident seal which is removed by the customer on delivery. The rear cabinet doors are also kept locked during transit.

Protection of water

  • The inner barrel is constructed using stainless steel to prevent taint, bacteria or chemical change in the water.

Reduced risk of air contamination

  • During discharging, air can only enter via filter screens thus reducing the risk of contamination.

Water temperature

  • A minimum of 100mm insulation between the water-carrying stainless steel inner barrel and outer panels ensures the temperature of the water remains cool even on the hottest days.

About us

We are situated in the heart of England and have an unrivalled wealth of experience and expertise in the management and delivery of spring and chlorinated
drinking water.

Our service promise:

  • Quality
  • Flexibility
  • Expertise
  • Continuous improvement
  • Customer communication

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