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Service offerings

Spring water for soft drinks

We specialise in the management, abstraction and delivery of spring water to all the UK's soft drinks manufacturers

Water for construction and industry

We support all commercial users of water with delivery of bulk tankers for planned or unplanned disruption to mains water supply.

Emergency water supply

Full management support. Delivery scenarios for all UK utility companies, hospitals, commercial and industrial companies

Outdoor events water supply

Aqua Direct's fleet of dedicated water tankers and bowsers are available 24/7 nationwide.

Water for mobile toilets and showers

We deliver on a just in time basis, your water will arrive with you just when you need it.

Swimming pool water supply

We offer full management support and deliver quality assured water. We can offload 29,500 litres in 30 mins.

About us

We are situated in the heart of England and have an unrivalled wealth of experience and expertise in the management and delivery of spring and chlorinated
drinking water.

Our service promise:

  • Quality
  • Flexibility
  • Expertise
  • Continuous improvement
  • Customer communication

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Aqua Direct, the UK's no.1 supplier of bulk spring water